Local Solar Contractors

Contractors listed here are licensed as S202 Solar Photovoltaic or S215 Solar Thermal Systems. In accordance with Utah Administrative Code R156-55a-302b(4) "Requirements for S202 Solar Photovoltaic Contractor. In addition to the requirements of Subsection (1), an applicant shall hold a current certificate by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners."

Additionally, the scope of practice for the S200 General Electrical classification includes the scope of practice for the S201 Solar Photovoltaic subclassification and the scope of practice for the S210 General Plumbing classification includes the scope of practice for the S201 Solar Photovoltaic subclassification.
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Contractor Name Primary Contact Name Phone
American Solar Power Kevin Hansen 801-414-7236
Grand River Electric Inc. Brian Murray 435-259-8113

S202 SCOPE OF PRACTICE  Fabrication, construction, and/or installation of services, disconnecting means, grounding devices, panels, conductors, load centers, lighting and plug circuits, appliances and fixtures in any residential unit, normally requiring non-metallic sheathed cable, including multiple units up to and including a four-plex, but excluding any work generally recognized in the industry as
commercial or industrial.

Contractor Name Primary Contact Name Phone
Moab Plumbing, Inc. Doug Whipple Jr. 435-259-5664
Superior Energy Systems Robert Soldat 435-259-7638
Whipple Plumbing & Heating Doug Whipple Jr. 435-259-5664

S215 SCOPE OF PRACTICE  Fabrication, construction, installation, and replacement of photovoltaic cell panels and related components. Wiring, connections and wire methods as governed in the National Electrical Code and Subsection R156-55b-102(1) shall only be performed by an S200 General Electrical Contractor or S201 Residential Electrical Contractor. This classification is not required to install stand alone solar systems that do not tie into premises wiring or into the electrical utility, such as signage or street or parking lighting.

A contractor who obtained this classification of licensure between January 1, 2009 and April 25, 2011 and who holds an active license may, in addition to the above, perform the following activities as part of the scope of practice under this subsection: fabrication, construction, installation, and repair of photovoltaic cell panels and related components including battery storage systems, distribution panels, switch gear,
electrical wires, inverters, and other electrical apparatus for solar photovoltaic systems. Work excluded from this classification includes work on any alternating current system or system component.

Contractor Name Primary Contact Name Phone
Nelson’s Heating & Refrigeration, Inc. Monte Curtis 435-259-5625

Note to Local Contractors: Contact the Grand County Building Department if you would like to be added to this list, if there is an error or change to your information, or if you would prefer not to be included on this list.