Online Real Property Tax Payment Note

Electronic payments can be made using a eCheck (withdrawal from your bank account) or with a debit/credit card.  eCheck withdrawals cost 49 cents per payment and debit/credit card transactions are charged a 2.5% convenience fee by Instant Payments.  Grand County receives no portion of the fees. 

You will need your parcel number to make a payment through Instant Payments.  It can be found
under "Property Information" near the top of tax bill mailed to you.  You can find a parcel number by searching for the owner's last name in our Tax Information Search

***Important Note: 2016 taxes were due Nov 30th, 2016 and a 2.5% ($10 minimum per parcel) penalty is now owed plus interest. If you are paying for 2016 or earlier please call 435-259-1338 for an accurate amount due because prorated interest is added daily.*** 

Business personal property taxes must be paid to the

Assessor's Office

by mail or in person and cannot be paid online

Continue to make a quick, onetime, payment - make a payment effective today without setting up a payment account. 

Continue to set up a payment account - schedule onetime or recurring payments for any dates you choose, also allows you to manage multiple parcels. 

Continue to set up 2017 Auto Bill Pay - automatic, recurring, monthly payments for 2017 taxes.