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Posted on: June 28, 2017

Announcement of Patrick Trim to County Council


Patrick Trim has been appointed to the District 1 seat of the Grand County Council to fill the unexpired term of approximately 18 months left vacant by the former elected Council Member, Chris Baird. The appointment was made by the Grand County Council during an open June 27, 2017 Special County Council meeting, following the candidate interviews. Pat was immediately sworn in by the County Clerk and took his seat at the dais for the remainder of the meeting.

Bill Groff and Trevor Knutson were interviewed along with Mr. Trim for the District 1 seat. The candidates were asked to briefly introduce themselves. Questions asked of each candidate were:

  • What size of time commitment would you be able to make to the Grand County Council if appointed?
  • What knowledge, experience, qualifications do you possess that may be useful to the Grand County Council?
  • Why do you want to serve on the Grand County Council?

In his interview, Pat described being relatively new to Moab with a love for Moab that has him “here for the duration.” He has been married for 39 years with two kids and four grandkids.

Pat has been in the Supply Chain and the financial business for the last 40 years. He described himself as “very versed” in budgeting and explained that in his experience in materials management in large hospitals, he acted as a change agent looking for ways to streamline for more productivity. In one large health system in the Midwest, Patrick, using a collaborative approach and teamwork approach was able to take a budget of $27 million and reduce it to approximately $11 million over the span of 2 years.

Closer to home, he stated that he has saved Moab Regional Hospital upwards of 1 million dollars in the last 18 months just by going through and looking at products pricing and negotiating with vendors—and doing this without affecting the quality of healthcare.  “Coming in and being able to make those changes and being able to reduce budgets is my expertise,” he said.

In response to the question about why he wanted to serve on the Grand County Council, Pat said he wants to give back, and that now that he has more time he wants to take what he’s learned around the country and apply it the budgeting process at Grand County in order to provide a more fiscally strong organization for the citizens of the County.

Following the interviews, County Council Members expressed their appreciation for all candidates who stepped up with their willingness and candidate petitions to potentially fill the role.

Please help us welcome Patrick Trim to the Grand County Council!

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