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Your Perspectives for 2018 Update of Community Vision

  1. This allows SFC to contact you for further elaboration of your suggestion.

  2. 2013 Initial Community Vision

    Endorsed in 2014 by Moab City Council and Grand County Council

    Review this map and then provide your ideas and rankings below.

  3. How have community needs changed since 2013 that might be addressed at the mill site?

  4. Are any of the uses proposed in 2013 for the mill site no longer needed?

  5. Rate 1-5 (highest) your support for a commercial visitor-focused service area along US-191.

  6. Rate from 1-5 (highest) your level of support for a community park area.

  7. Rate 1-5 (highest) your support for educational and/or exercise trails around the mill site.

  8. Rate 1-5 (highest) your support for an outdoor, multi-purpose event center.

  9. Rate 1-5 (highest) your support for a facility that provides orientation to the Moab area.

  10. Rate 1-5 (highest) your support for a welcome center

  11. Rate 1-5 (highest) your support for co-located federal resource agency offices and research facilities.

  12. Rate 1-5 (highest) your support for a mass transit center at the mill site.

  13. What other facilities or uses would you suggest at the mill site? Please indicate a 1-5 ranking after each.

  14. In one sentence, please tell us your vision for the future use of the mill site.

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